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Hand Car Wash Process

Wheels Being Washed

The most important part is prepping your vehicle for washing. First we start with the wheels. Most car washes completely ignore your wheels but we spray them with a high quality cleaner that removes build up and grime. Then your car is thoroughly rinsed to remove any particles on the surface of your paint that can potentially scratch your vehicle while being hand washed. After rinsing, we focus our attention on your front bumper and address the bugs & inspects with a special treatment and bug sponges which can remove them as gently as possible.

Apply Soap

We then move onto the wash phase where soap is sprayed all over the surface of the vehicle. Our high quality soap plays an important role in further breaking down road grime, dust and other build up on your paint getting it reading to be hand washed with lambs wool mitts by a hard working wash bay crew. With long lambs wool stokes we work our way all over your vehicles surface panel by panel making sure no part is left untouched. Your wheels are also cleaned with brushes to remove all the dirt and grime that was lifted during our initial prep phase.

Rinsing Car

Your car is then thoroughly rinsed to ensure that all soap and dirt is removed from your wheels and paint. We do a final rinse inspection to make sure nothing is left on the surface. Finally your car is ready to be hand dried using soft cloth towels and microfiber. The high speed blowers you see at the automatic wash are NOT used at our Auto Spa. For one they are really not effective for drying cars and typically just move water over the surface. If you have any loose moldings or trim on your car the high pressure dryers can blow them right off! Everything at our car wash is done strictly by hand which ensures you get optimal results.

Dry Car

First we use compressed air to blow any water from your cars molding, trim and mirror housing. We then dry the surface with a soft cloth while similtaneously applying compressed air. This ensures that there will be no water dripping and blowing all over your car when you start driving. An independant study showed that the biggest complaint customers had about automatic car washes was that their "Car was not completely dried." Take a look at the 6 other complaints here read here. At the Final Touch Auto Spa we meticulously dry your vehicle.

Inspect Car

After drying, your car is then moved to the inspection bay where our inspectors thoroughly inspect your car to make sure it is 100% clean and dry. If any issues arise they are addressed immediately before your vehicle is ready for departure. All of our hand washes come with a 24 hour Clean Guarantee. Simply put, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of your car wash bring it back within 24 hours. Premium hand washes have a longer guarantee period.

* The above process is an illustration of our basic exterior hand wash. If you purchased a premium package or any upgrades (tire shine, interior vacuum, spray wax..etc) they will be applied at the appropriate time during this process.

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