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Hand Car Wash

Luxurious Hand Car Wash

The Final Touch Auto Spa is all about perfection and every vehicle that comes through our car wash are meticulously cleaned and washed strictly by hand. No conveyor belts, no machines, no highly concentrated chemicals and no harsh spinning brushes beating against your car. From the factory floor your cars paint surface is finished with a protective clear coat that is used to extend the life of your paint and protect it from the elements. Your vehicles clear coat is very susceptible to scratches and unsightly swirl marks. The most effective way to protect your investment is to have your car hand washed regularly, detailed occasionally and most important AVOID automatic car washes at all cost!

Here is something to think about...
Lamborghini and Ferrari

Have you ever seen a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce in line at the automatic car wash? Your answer is probably no! You see... the owners of these luxury vehicles understand the importance of having their cars handled with the utmost care and will settle for nothing less than a hand car wash. Maybe your car doesn't cost in upwards of 500k but you work hard and therefore you must protect your investment. Let the Final Touch Auto Spa properly care for and pamper your vehicle.

Here's What to Expect When You Arrive

You will be welcomed by a friendly greeter who will assist you with choosing a hand car wash package that best suits your needs (Basic, Silver or Gold) You will also have the opportunity to choose from our extensive list of upgrades that are A la carte. Our greeters will excort you to our comfortable waiting area where you can relax, read a magazine, use our ipads, laptops or have a cup of coffee on us.

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